Don t always have to fuck her hard

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I think I got something in my teeth could you get it out for me? Whats your favorite position? Foxy Brown Most of these cats ain't got nothing for me, but if we talikng G's That's a different story, now don't embarass yourself Cause if you ain't pushin' what I'm tryin' to push next year You talking for ya health, nigga rock on Check where you come from, you now my stee dun Run a G and leave 'em strung with they tongue hung, niggas is bold now I puts the gold down, I ain't laughing Cats be asking can they lick my hole now, feel free Nigga eat me, treat me Ya trick, pussy clit lickin' No ass gettin' dick, first roles Niggaz is my hoes, top my doe Wanna lace me with some head after my show, bringin' dat I'm the nasty bitch that I am, make 'em lick my pearl tongue And you got to give my girls some, fuck a man Bitch got the world in her hand, just on spite Niggaz got to fuck me right chorus: And [ Bm ] then I'll fuckin bone you com [ G ] pletely. I'm gonna [ D ] fuck you Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. What's your favorite [ F m ] dish? You gonna make me fuck somebody you gonna make fuck somebody You gonna make me fuck somebody if you keep fucking up the way you do You gonna make me fuck somebody ohh fuck somebody You gonna make me fuck somebody you're gonna make me fuck somebody.


but i don't think i could 'last as long' as he does ...


it isnt dumb to point out that the video would be better without the music though, its just an opinion! sorry if youre too dumb to know what one of those are


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